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Office Manager

A native of Prince George’s County, MD, Brandon came to Philadelphia in 2009 for college. He found himself studying Vocal Performance - Jazz Studies at Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance. Following his time at Temple, he found himself in a quandary as to what his next steps should be. Almost by accident, he became a receptionist at a wellness center in the city, which led to a 10 year+ career in the health and wellness field. His experience in the field has given him insight and understanding of how a business and organization works at many levels, having worked as a receptionist, executive assistant, and manager. He now uses this experience and expertise to help lead and work with the team at Summit Spine and Wellness to grow, achieve success and change the lives of the those that walk through our doors.

When Brandon is not in the Summit Spine and Wellness office, you can find him on a stage performing in the Philadelphia tri-state area, writing/composing and reading a good book of poetry, literary fiction or a psychological thriller.

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