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Are you weary of struggling with:

Do you feel hopeless… like you’re missing out on life?

We know firsthand the pain of injury, the dangers of surgery, and the difficulty of rehabilitation.

That’s why, since 2001, we’ve offered drug-free, non-surgical solutions to more than 10,000 patients (and counting!) Let us help you get back to the life you love.

Our whole family sees Dr. Lenny. His chiropractic care and entire time are the best! We always leave feeling great and healthy!- Kirsta K & Family

Every time I come, they are able to put me back together again, like Humpty Dumpty. I've been a patient for over 10 years. I wouldn't ever go anywhere else.!- Bill F.







Get the Active Pain Free Life You Deserve

Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from an accident, a sports or work-related injury--even poor computer posture--we can treat restrictions and imbalances in your spine and help you find sweet relief. We want to you feel great.


That tingling in your arms and/or legs may indicate a bulging or herniated disc. With spinal decompression, we can alleviate pressure on your discs and nerves, giving them an opportunity to heal.


With Active Release Technique (ART), we’re able to apply healthy tension to restricted ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Imagine not being so stiff or sore! Imagine seeing your range of motion improve dramatically!

We’ve earned the trust of elite athletes

Those who compete at the highest levels know that peak performance requires being physically aligned, balanced, flexible, and strong. It’s been our honor to serve the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers as Chiropractic Consultant from 2009-2015, and as the Team Chiropractors for Temple University Football since 2015.

Working with Summit Spine and Wellness is Easy

Schedule an Evaluation

One quick phone call is all it takes. Or use our convenient online scheduler to take your first step to wellness.

Get a customized treatment plan

Different individuals and injuries require different approaches. Following a head-to-toe examination, we’ll create a treatment plan tailored just for you.

Receive the care you need

We don’t just treat your symptoms, we address the source of your pain. At Summit, we combine state of the art technology with hands-on chiropractic care to give you the care you need.

Enjoy your life again!

Whether you’re a serious athlete or weekend warrior, a desk-bound employee or busy grandparent, we’ll get you back to the life you love.

Stop watching life from the sidelines...get back in the game!

At Summit Spine and Wellness, we know you want to enjoy a full and active life with family and friends. That means you don’t have time to be sidelined by physical limitations or discomfort. 

Unfortunately accidents and injuries happen. And when you’re immobilized and the pain is chronic, it’s easy to feel hopeless, like you’re missing out on life. But it doesn’t have the stay that way. 

At Summit Spine & Wellness, we’ll give you a plan to get back on track, and back to the life you know you want to live. 

Protect Your Posture