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Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

Lenny Roberts, DC

At Summit Spine and Wellness, we know how it feels to miss out on life!

Dr. Lenny Roberts is born and raised in Roxborough. He graduated from Germantown Academy in 1992. His interest in helping others was shaped by an athletic career that included 6 knee surgeries. Dr. Lenny missed his entire senior season of high school football after undergoing 3 surgeries to his left knee.

In 1993, he played offensive line on the Rowan football team (runner-up in the Division III National Championship), and on the last day of football camp, suffered a knee injury to his right knee. Unfortunately, after surgery on the right knee, he developed a staph infection where he could have lost his leg! 2 additional surgeries, 6 weeks in a wheelchair, and 3 months on IV antibiotics to clear the infection left him with a total of 3 procedures on each leg at 19 years old. Dr. Lenny was sidelined from football for good!

After he was unable to continue playing, he stopped working out, felt sorry for himself and partied a lot. He gained a lot of weight and tipped the scales at over 340 lbs!

Fortunately, he made some substantial lifestyle changes, became passionate about working out, competed in amateur boxing competitions, and ran the San Diego marathon in 2006.

  • Dr. Roberts earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA in 2001.

  • Dr. Roberts founded Summit Spine and Wellness with the mission to “Empower Families Towards their Full Expression of Life” and that mission remains true 20 years later! Dr. Roberts has helped thousands of people in the community live a more active, pain-free life!

  • He has served as a Team Chiropractor for the Philadelphia 76ers from 2009-2015 and has been the Team Chiropractor for Temple Football from 2015-present.

While working with elite athletes is a life-long passion, Dr. Roberts loves working with people of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds to get back in the game of life!!

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