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Additional Resources

Disc Recovery Guide

Understand your disc injury so that you may reduce inflammation, speed up your recovery and learn how to avoid provocative positions and activities in the future.

Back in Balance Exercise Library

by Summit Spine and Wellness

Protect Your Posture Guide

Protect Your Posture Handbook by Dr. Lenny Roberts, DC

Better Breathing Guide

Check out these tips for Better Breathing from Dr. Nicole D. Lindsey. Learning how to breathe will help you reduce stress, regulate your body process, and help your brain respond and adapt to life.

The Calm Zone

8 Ways to Support a Strong Immune System

A Helping Hand in the Journey of Aging in Place is on a mission is to ensure that seniors and their loved ones have the help and resources they need to remain independent and safe in their own homes. They believe that every older adult should have the opportunity to choose their own path in their senior care journey. No matter what challenges they face, they are there to empower seniors and their loved ones by providing tools and the resources they need to make informed decisions.

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