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Chiropractic weight loss
Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

Proven 100% Effective for Fat Loss Treatment in Clinical Trials

New and Innovative Way to Lose Weight
Cutting-edge research into weight loss has produced a safer and noninvasive weight loss therapy. This innovation is UltraSlim Red Light Fat Loss Therapy. Through the use of their patented red light systems, UltraSlim therapy is designed to produce body slimming. The UltraSlim red light treatment works by targeting the fat cells and then forcing the triglycerides and fatty acids to exit cells, and they are detoxified from the body. UltraSlim patients will often experience a difference in weight after treatment, and around three days after the treatment, the fat is expelled through the patient’s stool.

Thanks to UltraSlim technology, patients finally have a method to quickly lose weight without resorting to needles and invasive treatments. The UltraSlim red light fat loss therapy is able to target just the fat cells, reducing the potential of damage to any other essential cell in the body. Patients have not reported any side effects from the UltraSlim red light treatment, and most do not experience any discomfort during or after the therapy. In fact, patients have reports improvement to their skin since the red light therapy help to stimulate new collagen and elastin growth. Clinical research has credited UltraSlim with the following health improvements:

  • Smaller waistline

  • Reduced cellulite

  • Cosmetic body contouring

  • Targeted fat loss

  • Improved hips and thighs

What Sets Our Program Apart from the Rest?

How does UltraSlim compare to other fat loss therapies?
UltraSlim is designed to provide more effective results for patients seeking weight loss results without surgery while being better and safer. UltraSlim works by reducing fat tissue in the skin,
allowing the body to be contoured while improving skin tone and tightness. Unlike other treatments and therapies, patients can receive their treatment and get right back to the rest of their day. Using UltraSlim, patients are able to target higher-fat problems areas like the “muffin top” that consists of stubborn fat that does not respond as well to other weight loss methods.

The FDA has classified UltraSlim 100% safe and in the Risk Group 1. Unlike most weight loss methods and treatments that come with some risks and side effects, UltraSlim does not. UltraSlim is safe and effective, but it is not recommended for patients that have active cancer or photosensitive problems.

To discover if the UltraSlim is right for you, schedule a consultation with our medical staff. We will review your medical history, discuss your condition, and present the best treatment options. If you do qualify for the UltraSlim treatment, we will schedule the first procedure, and go over the additional treatments needed for full optimal outcomes.

Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

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Ultra Slim Demo with Dr. Lenny 👇

Nicole Michalik on WXTU Talks UltraSlim at Summit Spine and Wellness! 👇

UltraSlim Patient Testimonial 👇

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CLICK HERE to book your first appointment at a limited time special price!​

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