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Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA


Front Desk Team

Dr. Lenny literally saved Shannon’s life! She originally started at Summit Spine & Wellness as a new patient for her shoulder issues from holding her two-week-old newborn daughter. During her visit, they took her blood pressure which was extremely high at 200/100! She had no symptoms but because of the thoroughness of the staff at Summit Spine & Wellness, she was able to catch this and get it checked out by her OB.

Now that she works at Summit Spine & Wellness, she returns the thoroughness and attention to small details when welcoming in new patients. She loves talking to patients and getting to know everyone that walks in the door.

Shannon and her family lived in Roxborough for 20 years and although they live a little outside the city limits now, she still proudly volunteers for the 21st Ward snack stand for her son’s Baseball League. If she’s not watching her son hit home runs, she loves reading and baking.

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