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Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

Misook Lee, L.Ac


Misook Lee is a licensed acupuncturist in Pennsylvania. She earned a master’s degree of Acupuncture study in Won Institute in 2020. Currently, her specialties are on musculoskeletal problems, such as acute and chronic pain, injuries, and illness. Also, her expertise is on women’s health, specifically perimenopause, menopause, hormonal balance, and facial rejuvenation. She has not only fine skills of acupuncture, but also complementary modalities, such as cupping, guasha, moxibustion, tuina, kinesio taping, electro stimulation and Eastern nutrition.

Before she entered the school, she had profound knowledge background on traditional Korean and Chinese literatures and philosophies, including Daoism, Confucianism, yin-yang and five elements through her various reading. She maintains her health by practicing “Kuksundo,” which is Korean traditional abdominal breathing practice, over twenty years. After learning about “Koryo Hand acupuncture” and using for family care, she was amazed by the instant effect of acupuncture. She developed her depth of knowledge in acupuncture by finishing one-year Ttmsarang moxibustion and acupuncture course in Korea in 2014. After entering the acupuncture school, on top of regular acupuncture curriculum, she expanded her knowledge by taking some courses from Donguibogam Academy, the educational program for Korean traditional medicine, including the Saam four needle technique, Facial Rejuvenation and mental health. She is currently enrolled in Chinese Herb Program in Won Institute to deepen her understanding of Chinese medicine.

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