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Chiropractor in Philadelphia, PA

Shalom Smolik

ChiroThin Coordinator

Shalom is a Florida native who moved to Philadelphia in 2023 to get a change of scene and begin her next step in graduate school. She is currently finishing her Master’s in Psychology at Harvard University, and intends on starting her doctoral degree at Rutger’s University starting in the fall of 2024. Shalom is very passionate about holistic health and advocates for the inclusion of mental health care in the wellness and holistic world. She has extensive experience both coaching and supporting others in their health journey and uses her academic background to provide a tailored approach to each patient she works with. When she is not studying or working at Summit, Shalom is busy rock climbing, surfing, or conducting research at Lehigh University.

Shalom heard of Summit when she was looking for work in health and wellness that would allow her to lead people towards a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys the family style community of Summit and hopes to continue to grow the relationship between Summit and their wonderful clients.

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